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In August 2011, I met some of my university classmates. They have very good memory about the “Ask&Receive Forum” founded in 1984 when we were at school.


Someone told me that he had kept the discussion notes although he had to move from one place to another. Reflecting on the past events, I am moved by three things. (1) Our great courage and vision. You know at that time and even today, there is great risk at founding an organization independent on the Chinese Communist Party. (2) Our pure motivation. We just wanted a platform to discuss what we thought would be important to us beyond school homework. So we might evaluate different options and opinions, and thus learn from each other and encourage each other. (3) Great impact on our life. All discussed topics were relatd to our daily life. Today’s achievements remind us more of the impact.

More than 20 years have passed. China has become prosperous and wealthy. We have passed the middle age. Our viewpoints about this world, our life and value may have completely changed. However, some topics will forever be worth discussing. For example, how we can achieve harmonic relationships between God and people, among people, and between people and nature. Motivated by the good memory of the “Ask&Receive Forum”, by the obligation of passing the torch along, and by the seek for truth and eternal life, I hereby resume the “Ask&Receive Forum” and open to the public. You are welcome to submit your articles and make comments. I am looking forward to your participation.

在2011年8月,我见到了一些大学同学。他们对八十年代初我们在大学成立的求索小组记忆犹新。有的人甚至还保留着当年的手抄本。 回忆往事,我有三点感想。(1)年轻时的见识和勇气。在当年甚至今天,在校园成立党团之外的组织是要有足够的智慧和勇气的。 (2)纯朴的动机。大家需要一个平台就共同关心的课业之外的问题畅所欲言,集思广义,互相学习,彼此鼓励。 (3)成为别人的祝福。当年求索小组的同学们都已在不同的岗位上有所成就,但大家却不忘当年求索小组的影响。

时过境迁,现在的中国已开始走向繁荣富强,我们也已年过中年。我们的世界观,人生观和价值观也许已发生了根本性的变化。 但一些永恒的话题却永远值得我们去求索,比如中国人所说的天时地利人和,也就是西方人所说的人与神的关系,人与人的关系,人与自然的关系。 也许是因为怀念过去的那段时光,也许是为了传承和创新,也许是为了永恒和永生的缘故,特开辟这个网上求索论坛。 欢迎你点击相关的栏目,投稿和发表评论。

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